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The multidisciplinary research project at the Wolf Cave cavern on Vargberget (“Wolf Mountain”) in Kristinestad near the border of Karijoki was initiated  in 1997.  The investigations at the cavern are being carried out by the National Board of Antiquities, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Finland and the Helsinki University Department of Geology. The investigations have produced very interesting results but the finds have also been much more diverse and difficult to interpret than originally expected. The current interpretation is that the cavern has been occupied by humans before the last Ice Age, more than 120 000 years ago. The investigations are expected to continue still for several years.
The Wolf Cave is a horizontal crevice in the primary rock. It has been known for centuries as a local sight. It has been entirely filled with sediments during at least 2,6 million years as a result of different geological changes.

The cavern is owned by the municipality of Karijoki, that was going to empty out the cavern and open it as a tourist attraction. During the emptying-out operations the first artefacts were found.
So far, six different sediment layers have been identified in the cavern. The topmost of them was formed about 8 000 years ago. The fourth layer is dated to 120.000 and the deepest sand and gravel layers are still older. Layer four dates from one of the warmer interglacial periods It contains clear indications of humans or big animals. Also evidence of fire has been discovered and indicated by means of magnetic readings.
The archaeological lithics consist primarily of fine-grained Jotun sandstone. The high ratio of crude, unifacial pebble tools is striking. This is a very archaic trait.

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